Friday, February 29, 2008

Fits and Starts

I saw Jenny this week and she shamed me saying "It's gotten to the point where I've stopped checking." Pregnant pause and sigh. Alas, here I am guilty and beaten into posting. We should all be so lucky to have someone in our lives to kick our asses without resorting to violence. Just guilt. Ha, that's funny, you can read that sentence in two ways and both are true.
So I'm engaged. That's crazy. (I sound like Brian Fellows.) I'm super excited about the wedding. So far we've booked the reception site, the caterer, the photographer, asked our bridal party and made our (enormous) guest list. I'm looking at dresses and Jenny suggested (after looking through an enormous wedding magazine and complaining about girls who are far too thin and dresses that looked more edible than wearable) that I post my favorites and let y'all vote. OK?
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I'm swearing not to become someone like the picture on the right here